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Is the cottage available for weekly rentals?

The cottage is available for select weekly rentals from May – October.  We frequently have 4-5 night rentals available during the week (i.e. Sunday to Friday).  Please see our availability Calendar for more information.

Is there a road to get to the Cottage?

No. The cottage is accessed by water only.   We are on mainland however there is no road available.

How much is the water Taxi?

The water Taxi that takes you to the cottage upon your arrival and back during your departure is included in our rental rates (new for 2015).  Any additional use of the water Taxi is paid and arranged with Dennes Marine ($40 per trip*)


*Last known 2014 Rate set by Dennes Marine

Can I use the boat to get back to my car?

Yes, you may use the boat provided to return to your car during your stay.

Do you rent for weekends?

On occasion we have weekends available.  These weekends are only available within a full week rental.  Weekend only rentals are not available.  This includes long weekends.

Is the boat included?

Yes, we provide a 14 foot aluminum boat with a 15hp motor for your use during your stay.  If you desire a second boat, similar boats are available from Dennes Marine for $150 per day.

Do I have to clean the cottage?

Yes, cleaning is expected.  You are required to leave the cottage in the same condition as when you arrived.  Cleaning services are expensive due to the water access and may be available with advance notice for $240.

Are there laundry facilities on site or in town?

There is a clothes line outside for fresh country drying.

Do I need a license to drive the boat?

Yes. You will need to a Pleasure Craft Operator Card.

In order to obtain the card, you need to pass a multiple choice test. Their are weveral websites where you can take the test.

If you do not pass the first time, many of these websites allow you to take the test again for free. Most also include an online course. The cost is between $34.00-$60.00.

Take a look at these links for more information about obtaining a Pleasure Craft Opertator Card:


The Operator Card is good-for-life.

What if I do not want to drive a boat?

Water taxi service is available for you from Denne’s Marine.  There is another Water Taxi service however we cannot recommend it at this time.


I have my own boat, can I bring it?

Yes.  You can bring a “cottage lake” type boat.  You will be hard pressed to launch a cabin cruiser or race boat on the lake.  There are several boat ramps including one at Dennes Marine and docking is available at the cottage.



Can we drink the lake water or tap water?

The water has been tested and is safe to drink.  The water does have a slight colouration remaining after filtration.  The water is pumped from the lake and is processed through 5 filter stages including Sediment, Tannin, Iron, Bacteria  as well as UV light system.  You may still prefer to bring bottled water.

Who are my neighbours?

Kahshe Lake Cottage is surrounded by Crown Land to the South and East.   There is a family cottage to the west and a third in the small bay.  We are situated on 2 Acres with only a few cottages in the area.

Should I bring my own sheets and towels?

You need to bring your own towels,  we supply sheets and blankets for your use indoors during your stay.  You will need to bring towels for showering or outdoor use.

Is there a shallow entry point to the lake?

Yes, there is a shallow entry as well as deep entry from the dock.

Can we bring our family dog?

Please contact us.  Dogs maybe allowed, however due to the number of people with Allergies these days, we limit the frequency and type.  Dogs are not allowed on the furniture or beds please.

Can I get directions to the cottage?

Take Highway 400 North to Highway 11 North.  Exit at North Kahshe Lake Road.  Denne’s Marine is on your left in approx 3 km

How deep is the water off the dock?

Off the Dock the water is 12+ Feet Deep.  At the sand Beach the water is only 2-4 feet.  There are rocks around the dock and caution should be used when entering the water.

What does “water access cottage” mean?

For me, it means true nature, safety and peace. In practical terms it means that you do not drive to the cottage. You park your car at Denne’s Marine, where your Water Taxi awaits.  The cottage is a short boat ride away (Approx. 15 minutes).

The good part is that the water access cottage areas are less populated and allow more privacy.


What direction does the cottage face?

The Cottage faces North West. Perfect for an evening Sunset.

Lake (7)

Can I hike to the Trans Canada Trail?

Yes.  It is approximately 3 km of hiking from the cottage to reach the Trans Canada Trail.

What is the nearest town and how far is it?

The nearest town is Gravenhurst. It’s approximately a 10 min drive from Denne’s where your car will be parked.

Is the water safe to swim in?

Yes, there’s great swimming accessible from the shallow entry beach, or the dock.

How’s the fishing?

From what I hear, the fishing is great. The following fish have been caught recently: Large & Small Mouth Bass, Sunfish, Perch, Pickerel and Northern Pike.

Where is Kahshe Lake?

Kahshe Lake is in the District of Muskoka in Ontario, Canada. The lake can be accessed from Highway 11 about 15 km north of the Severn River and 10 km south of Gravenhurst by either the North Kahshe Lake Road or the South Kahshe Lake Road. Our cottage is accessable via North Kahshe Lake Road.

Where did the name “Kahshe” come from?

The original inhabitants of the area called it Kahsheshebogamog. There is a variety of opinions on what that means. One version says that it means lake of many islands. This name was shortened to accommodate the maps — it was just too long! Some say it means Lake Of Healing Waters and others say it means Lake of Many Bays.

How big is the lake?

Kahshe Lake is the fourth largest lake in Muskoka. The surface area is 7.51 square kilometers. It has a volume of 36 million cubic meters. The watershed area covers 32.6 square kilometers. It has a mean depth of 4.9 meters and a maximum depth of 21.3 meters.