Muskoka Forest Fire Danger Rating

Small fires are permitted in most RURAL areas of Muskoka as long as the following rules are complied with: There is no daytime burning permitted at anytime. Fires must take place between two hours before sunset and two hours after sunrise. Your fire can be no greater than two metres in diameter and only environmentally materials may be burned. The smoke from your fire cannot interfere with your neighbours or a roadway and you must have sufficient tools and water available to put the fire out should the need arise. Remember, you must be with your fire at all times.
This is the Forest Fire Danger Rating for Restricted Fire Zone RFZ 27 (District of Muskoka). The Muskoka Fire Season runs April 1st to October 31st each year. The Forest Fire Danger Rating is verified daily and is updated whenever the rating changes.

Please call the Toll Free number 1-877-847-1577 from any telephone in Ontario for a verbal version of this rating.  Or you can view this information on the Gravenhurst Fire department web site at  www.gravenhurstfire.com/ffdanger


The Muskoka Forest Fire Danger Rating is determined using the Forest Weather Index (FWI), an internationally used method for determining the risk of fires in open air. It uses factors such as the relative humidity, temperature, previous 24 hour rain amount, wind direction and wind speed in combination with the forest fuel type and loads to determine the risk of the forest to certain fire types. From this calculation the forest fire danger rating is made in consultation with the Fire Chiefs of the six area municipalities and the Ministry of Natural Resources